Sunday, 29 June 2008

Let's blog

Many of you are new to the brave new world of blogs and probably wonder what it's all about. Well fortunately for me I don't need to explain it as Bernard Hickey at Show Me The Money has done if for me with this weeks blog Click Here to Understand the Power of Blogs. At the same time he managed a big embarrasing plug for my blog - blush - I'm getting quite an audience now.

Bernard’s commentary is always on the money (well except that Capital Gains Tax comment of course, but we’ll work on that) as can be seen at this blog The Generation That New Zealand Inc Failed
. This country is heading downhill so fast it’s not funny. Mr Hickey is probably known to you as the editor at and is often seen commentating on business issues, especially with this credit crunch playing out.

Blogs are used for all sorts of reasons, from diaries of peoples’ lives, to politics, philosophy, business, humour and general commentary, to name a very few – many mix it all up. I just love it all.

One of my favourite bloggers is Cactus Kate
who does an excellent mix of acerbic humour, political commentary, business and just plain un-PCness. To me she’s like a female version of Dr House. This weeks humour blog actually started last week with Simple Men Corner, it was updated on Tuesday with Cairns and concluded Friday with Cairnt. It has everything required to entertain – humour, suspense and drama. With characters like this in the world it will never be a boring place – love it.

In amongst the humour Cactus provides us with intelligent political commentary which can been seen with the following two blogs about Labour
and National’s young candidates. More humour at ATM Rage – I'm too polite or sissy to deal with this situation like that, but working on it. Hell just read all her blogs and be done with it.

Another big favourite is Not PC
who mixes politics, economics, and philosophy with beer, music and architecture. Not PC has been in a blogging frenzy this week – read about the recession, and the polar cap, but best you just read through them all and become enlightened about today’s current events.

Liberty Scott always has an intelligent commentary on events of the day – liked this blog
. Every single blog will make you rethink your opinions – or think full stop – always a good thing for fighting that Alzheimer's.

Anyway, check out my blog list, I add new bloggers all the time.


expat said...

Try out

its great!

Annie Fox! said...

Thanks expat, it is good. I look forward to many hours of entertainment.

Lita said...

CK is compulsive reading, even (espesh?!) when I don't agree with her. Blogs rock!

I have been visiting recently, reading Andrea Collins-Smith and the Great Cancer Swindle. Inspiring and moving.

Congrats on your big ups in le paper, it's deserved.

Lita said...

And by 'paper' I mean the virtual online type. Jeesh, I am so old school.

libertyscott said...

Cheers Annie, and congrats on the positive news. One thing I found is that a blogreader is a must, it slashes the time needed to cruise through my favourite blogs.

Annie Fox! said...

Hi Lita, Thanks for the links, it's good to see how other people are handling their cancer.

Annie Fox! said...

Hi Liberty Scott, yes getting thru all the blogs has become somewhat time consuming - thanks for this.