Tuesday, 18 December 2007

Fashion and the arts

I did the culture vulture thing and went to the Auckland Choral Messiah performance at the Town Hall with the family last night. Little Sis had gone the year before and commented outside that the women of the choir looked like sad sacks in their shapeless red skirt/top ensemble and that Trelise Cooper should be brought in to sort them out.

And she wasn't wrong either. Men all smart in their Tux's, orchestra smart in their individual black numbers, soloists all dress nicely, even most of the audience made an effort. Even I was dressed for the occasion.

Now we understand that they need to have a uniform that suits all shapes and sizes, but I think that a sack of thin cotton really isn't the answer. Here's my answer to the problem (see photo attached from Trelise Cooper). A nice slim fitting black cocktail dress with a long stylish jacket to cover all the lumps and curves - perfect. Maybe play down all the flowers, might be a bit much en masse.

Anyway back to the performance - second half was excellent, enjoyed it immensely. Being an atheist I just didn't bother listening to the individual words (god they are so twee) and just let the music and harmony wash over me - very uplifting.


peters said...

Nice looking blog!
The choir will all be getting new uniforms next year. No one one was happy with the sack arrangement.
I'm glad you enjoyed the sounds though

woolfie! said...

Hi Peters, that is excellent, I look forward to catching the new look next year. But more importantly I look forward to the music and truley beautiful voices.