Thursday, 27 December 2007

T'is the season to be bloody burgled

Well the year started with my car being broken into and ends with it being broken into - nice to have a bit of consistency in my life. Unfortunately this time two windows smashed - and I have to drive around in a old Mazda Bongo van - kindly loaned from father. Could have taken the Beema, but with criminals roaming the streets I didn't want to risk parking it round here. To make matters worse Bongo doesn't have air-con! To make matters doubly worse I can't park it in my free underground carpark at work, so rather expensive going to work at the moment.

In case you are not aware, burglaries increase at this time of the year, what with all the school kids with time on their hands and no inclination to go out and god forbid work. So don't leave your house empty and keep your eyes peeled for those loser, bastard, shitheads of our society.

Which brings me nicely onto alarms - great things usually, but when your bloody neighbour goes away with a bloody faulty alarm that bloody goes off about three bloody times each day and at least once a bloody night, it ain't bloody good - flatmate not bloody happy. Strange thing is I sleep thru it every time! And I am usually the lightest sleeper in the world. Consistency once again a good thing.


Oswald Bastable said...

They need flogging- then reparations including the cost of YOUR time!

Annie Fox! said...

Yes, just have to catch them first - and then vigilantism is in order. Stuff Neighbourhood Watch, let's try Neighbourhood Public Flogging