Monday, 17 December 2007

woolfie’s TGandT

Well it’s like this ... my new blog doesn’t look at all how I'd like it to. So whilst I muddle around and figure it all out I'll leave you with my G&T recipe.

I have revealed how to make a good G&T to anyone who’ll listen, in the vain hope that someone will make me a great TG&T and I won’t have to keep making my own. But frankly they never listen closely enough, and as yet I still make the best G&T I’ve ever tasted. So here’s how it’s done ...

• Tall glass
• Whole ice cubes
• Frozen Tanqueray Gin (TG)
• Tonic
• Lime &/or Lemon wedge x 2

Put enough ice cubes in glass to fill it ¾ up the glass.Pour TG over ice (be generous).Squeeze the lime/lemon wedges onto the ice, rub around the rim and drop wedges in the glass. Add Tonic to top & stir.
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Now you may say this is how you do it, but there are a few tips that you may have overlooked:

• The Gin must be Tanqueray … not Gordons (vile), not Bombay Sapphire (yucky & sweet), not anything else (all vile). Except perhaps South Gin (by our friends at 42 below), which I thought was quite yummy. Just use Tanqueray … green bottle, silver top, red badge. Just a note: Tanqueray do have other Gins called Tanqueray No. Ten & Tanqueray Rangpur. I personally haven’t tasted them, but from reviews I’ve read they are excellent also. Rangpur has a lime taste, which would make it perfect for the TG&T.
Alcohol ratings are:
Rangpur: 41.3%
Tanqueray: 43.1%
No. Ten 47.3%

• The TG must be stored in the freezer, not the fridge, not the liquor cabinet, but the freezer. The only time it should be in the liquor cabinet is when it is the second bottle waiting to move up to the freezer from it’s dead brother. It doesn’t freeze because it’s alcohol, it goes all nice a syrupy – yum!

• Be generous with the TG, at least a double, maybe even a triple. I personally don’t know what I do as I don’t measure it – just lots of it. If you’re driving then only have one TG&T not two (or four as the case may be). But frankly if you follow this recipe then you’ll be the only one in town that makes a great TG&T and you won’t bother having them unless you make them. Stay in, make them strong and have the great night in.

• Ice cubes must be whole, not crushed. They also must not be too small or too large, just right and loads of it.

• Tonic must be Schweppes and MUST NOT be diet. If you use diet then don’t even bother making the TG&T, your taste buds aren’t up to it.

• Tonic must be fresh, fresh, fresh. Very, very important – so many G&T’s are ruined by non-fresh Tonic. Tonic must be used within 1 hour of first use. Buy in small bottles, throw away half used bottles.

• Lime & Lemon must be in wedges - not mean little slices of lemon. A wedge you can squeeze and this is the key. Squeeze two wedges (a mixed of lemon & lime is good) not just one and sometimes I even squeeze a little more lemon juice for added bite.

• Also don’t forget to wipe the rim of the glass with the lemon, that’s the first taste the drinker will get – a great start to a great GT&T.

So there you have it – my gift to you - long may you live.


Mrs Smith said...

Lime! Lime! Not that damnable lemon!

Woolfie! said...

Yes Mr Smith I have to agree, best use Limes. But most people just don't have them and they are often not in the supermarket. But yes we should all make better effort to plant lime tress, buy limes and probably have to freeze them for the rainy days.