Tuesday, 29 January 2008

Ideas from the Edge

In 2005 the Edge World Question Centre brought us "What do you believe is true even though you cannot prove it?"

In 2006 it was
"What is your dangerous idea?"

In 2007 it was "
What are you optimistic about?"

And this year it is "What have you changed your mind about? Why?"

This website brings together over 150 of the worlds academics and asks them all the same question - brilliant! Lots of differing opinions of course - hours of reading - enough to make you go blind.

Changing ones mind is often a sign of intelligence - well in my case anyway. So what have I changed my mind about?

I confess here and now that I use to be a socialist - yes very embarrassing I know, but there you have it. The process of change started in my second year of university and was almost completely out of my brain a few years later, then a brief period of dabbling in the right, until I developed into a fully blown Libertarian at about 27 years of age - hey, better late than never.

Why did I change my mind?
The issue that dragged me out of the misery that is the left, was censorship and by extension freedom of speech. I basically got sick of listening to white fat middle aged women bleat on about the sins of pornography - it was also the time that I realised how annoying many women are.

I had been noticing other weakness in the policies of the left - every time they enact a policy it did exactly the opposite of what was intended. Also noticed the patronising attitude that believed that the poor and minorities, particularly Maori, are stupid and can't look after themselves. Even more frustrating were the Maori leaders (all socialists), who believed exactly the same. How they expect their kids to gain great heights with this mentality is beyond me. A mentality that still prevails for women as well, I might add.

I also noted that many socialists were often the beneficiaries of state funds - either as beneficiaries or state employees - funny that.

The one big problem with being a Libertarian is that I'm surrounded by Socialists, and with New Zealanders happy to sell their vote to the highest bidder every single election, I suspect it will be so for the remainder of my lifetime.

Question: What have you changed your mind about? Why?


Mrs Smith said...

I've changed my mind about the idea that cost=quality. It used to be that if you were willing to drop a fair bit of money on something, it would be well-made, etc. However, I think designers now realise that a lot of people buy their stuff just for the 'label,' so have dispensed with the idea of making things to last.

Alright - not as deep and meaningful as yours, but that's me.

Annie Fox! said...

Yes, well my initial thought was to state my past hate for Brussels Sprouts, which I now love, but didn't want to offend anyone.

Ex-expat said...

I've changed my mind about China. I used to think they were evil. Now I think they are evil but trying to get better.

Annie Fox! said...

Ex-expat, I have to agree wholeheartedly with you on that one. China is doing a fabulous job branching out around the world. And doing business with the west will break off many of their evil spikes. It will also help the west to see them in a more positive light too.

Sus said...

"A mentality that still prevails for women as well, I might add".

Not this little black duck, Annie!

Annie Fox! said...

The more the merrier - but few and far between.