Wednesday, 23 January 2008

Public Health Warning

Don't go and see the movie Cloverfield - unless you have a cast-iron stomach.

I headed out to Sylvia Park on Sunday to buy some shoes (not successful I might add) and decided that since I had a couple of hours to kill I'd head to Hoyts to watch a movie - about to start was Cloverfield and I am Legend. Well Cloverfield looked interesting and started 20 minutes before I am Legend, so as I'm not one to sit around and wait for anything, I decided on the earlier session.

The film starts as documentary style with the characters using a handycam to record their activities. Unfortunately the whole movie is like this - it just goes on and on with the camera waving and jerking all over the place and after 15 minutes I left totally nauseous. Such a shame, it looked like it might have been a good story.

Now granted Hoyts does say that it is video style in its review, but I didn't read this before I went in. To Hoyts credit they refunded me the price of the ticket, which was most decent of them.

I suppose I could have then gone to I am Legend, but felt so sick I just had to go home to lie down.

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