Tuesday, 11 March 2008

The right of self-defense

At the NZ Herald today I read that the New Zealand Police would like more Tasers to curb the increase of violence. I couldn't agree more with Senior Constable Denis Bergman's urgent request for Taser Guns to be issued immediately.

However, an interesting comment was made by Westport's Senior Constable and it goes as follows:

"... there were people who wanted to take away from police their ability to protect themselves and the public."

Please note Mr Bergman that it was the Police that started New Zealand on this path, when they denied New Zealand citizens the right of self-defence. Show your real concern for all members of New Zealand and call for the immediate cessation of persecution, by the Police, of those that injure or kill during the process of defending themselves and their property.

An immediate improvement to the lawlessness we now experience, will be to allow us to arm ourselves with Tasers (check out this model - it even allows you to play music). The first citizens that need urgently to defend themselves are the Dairy workers - I'm not sure how many have died over the years, I can think of two cases in Auckland off the top of my head.

Without the right to self-defence we have given all power to the criminal and the thug. To reclaim back our lawful power, it is not just the NZ Police that needs to be armed with Tasers, it is the New Zealand citizen that urgently need its protection.

Some moral support from the Police would be appreciated as well.


Oswald Bastable said...

I would like a taser to use at home.

.45 holes in the walls take too much patching up and getting the blood off the carpet...

Anonymous said...

Girlies to be trusted with pink tasers? I do not think so. They can barely handle our domestic violence and rape laws (which place a very small burden of evidence on the woman) without abusing them en masse.

Anonymous said...

Despite the crimes act stating that we can use "any force as necessary that we regard as reasonable" our treasnous and bloodstained criminal government have eroded that right, our law is now so defined that an elderly person who hits his attacker with a walking stick could be charged with "assault with a weapon". even now a person who fights back a street mugger could risk being charged with "fighting in a public place". when s/he hits there attacker and they hit back.

Its a national tragedy that we ever got rid of the death penalty for treason in NZ - Treason also includes "waging war upon New Zealanders" and that is the very case of the government and what they are doing to us - they are wagng war on us and after all those killings in south auckland i am not scared to knife an intruder in my own home, ill be shouting "place helen clark and john key on trial for treason, self defence is a basic right".

our government needs to realise they are common bloodstained criminals and should all be charged with capital treason and reckless and violent criminal behavior by waging war on the people they are supposed to serve, and i mean hang these politicians with meathooks with piano wire used as rope. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH,

Annie Fox! said...

Couldn't agree more - can't see it improving in the near future though.

But I think we might be about to turn a corner on this issue.