Friday, 25 April 2008

My apologies Mr Perigo

When I first started down the road of political enlightenment - nearly 15 years ago now - I had a conversation with Lindsay Perigo about the increasing taxes on cigarettes and alcohol. At the time Lindsay said that butter and coffee would be next. I inwardly scoffed (too scared to do this outwardly of course) and thought 'what is this guy on'? Made a comment to the effect that Nanny State would never get this out of line.

Well it appears that I owe Mr Perigo a huge apology (bottle of red on it's way). It appears that I was totally ignorant of how far Nanny and her servants are prepared to go, in fact the controls are turning into a Tsunami - ready to swamp us and smash what remains of our freewill to death - I think it has become unstoppable.

Secretly I hope that Labour win a further term. Why? Because Labour will continue on, at an ever increasing rate, to take control of more and more facets of our lives. Maybe when we aren't allowed to freely eat butter and drink coffee, will the populous stand up in enough numbers and say fuck off. Cause at the moment they are just saying, 'please Mummy Clark, please tell me what to do, I am so useless and stupid I can't possibly manage on my own'.

More on this when I've calmed down - christ I'm pissed off - and most pissed of with those that voted for this. What the hell are you thinking - oh I forgot, thinking is just too hard for your poor wee brains. Don't panic just look over your shoulder - there's Nanny no need to think anymore.

Hat tip: Oswald Bastable.


Paul said...

Will this make bread, noodles, pasta, etc more expensive? Carbo loading is a great way to become a fat bastard. Fruit is high in sugar, what about that?

What I love is that people have been calling for GST to be removed from fruit and vege, but instead of the option that gives people tax cuts on necessities the govt wants the option that increases tax.

Oh, I will freely admit here that I'm a fat bastard. Trying not to be a fat bastard requires a radical lifestyle change, something I'm just not prepared to do right now.

Annie Fox! said...

Yes, as if the government has any idea what healthy is. The whole switch from animal fats to vegetable oil has me baffled. Every health nut I've spoken to say avoid Canola and Soy oils, and that butter and coconut oil is good for you, both of these would horrify the food Nazis.

The food pyramid that the government advocated for decades turned out to be wrong.

And after 20 years of healthy eating & living I still managed to get cancer, so go figure.

Paul said...

Interesting, would like to find out why canola and soy are bad, though I suspect the argument to be that saturated fats are better for the body and you should simply have less of them than trying to get away with it by eating mono/poly unsaturated.

Annie Fox! said...

Am trying to locate a really good article on this - it was on my old computer. Will get back to you when I've found it.