Saturday, 14 June 2008

Brain Tumour Buddy

The strangest thing about this brain tumour complication of mine is that there are three of us Non-Hodgkin's patients with the same brain tumour complication - all came in the last month.

They think that is just because more of us a surviving quite aggressive Non-Hodgkin's with the R-CHOP treatment. Anyway, I met one of my Brain Tumour Buddy's (BTB) this week, so we spent the wee hours of the nights talking about our treatment, plans for the time we have and that we will beat the 3-6 month time frame. BTB is going for 10 years :o)

It was good to have someone that understands that it is terminal - most others in the ward are Leukemia patients and although some won't make it, they haven't been given a terminal diagnosis so generally don't think or talk about it.

BTB has a great attitude - full of energy, chomping at the bit to get out of hospital to sort out all his affairs so he can relax and concentrate of his treatments and enjoy his hobbies. He has teenage kids (which adds a stress I just don't let myself think about) so will be spending as much time with them as possible with them.

BTB lives close by (my soon to be completed) house in Mt Eden, so it'll be good to keep in contact.

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Anonymous said...

There's nothing like someone who has 'walked in your shoes' to talk to.