Tuesday, 3 June 2008


Well what a difference 3 hours makes in one's life. I literally met with my Haematologist at 8.30am on Tuesday the 20th to be informed that the latest CT scan had come back well and the cancer was still away. At 11.30am I had a seizure and was rushed to ED, followed by a CT scan of the head to find that the cancer has spread to the brain and is approximately 5cm in size. Fortunately my trading partner Marc was with me at the time and was able to get me to hospital rather promptly (poor bugger).

As you can appreciate a tumour in the brain is not good, treatment is difficult through the brain barrier, so I have to say that the odds of full recovery is only about 2-5%. The initial diagnose from the admitting doctors gave me a survival time of 3-6 months. However, they have been a little more positive than this since and we will look at this time frame again after my next CT scan in a couple of weeks. But in essence it is terminal.

I have had one chemo treatment already and another coming up in a week on the 9th of June. Following this I receive another CT that will show if I am responding to the chemo (or not). If responding then it is full on chemo (probably with steam cell transplants) and this should extend my time frame - no idea how long, it is just going to be a wait and see kind of thing.

So the first week I was fairly shattered emotionally and was suffering a very sore neck and was rather fuzzy brain, but feel much better now and the brain functions reasonably well (well no major complaints). So I'm back at work for this week and will drag my laptop into the hospital for the week of the 9th.

Sorry for the rather frank diagnose, but that's life and hopefully that chemo can get through to the tumour and I can push out a few more years - we shall see.

PS: that isn't my head scan - still haven't seen it. It sits deep in the left side of the brain and will probably cause right side motor skills problems, but shouldn'
t effect my personality too much :o). Well that's the theory so far.


Julian said...

Annie, you are an inspiration and what a great attitude. Now, are you up to date with your readings for Reisman's course? :-) Julian

Anonymous said...

My best wishes for you Annie.


Falafulu Fisi said...

I know you can fight it off Anna. You've done it before and I am confident that you will do it again this time.

Best wishes.

Rebel Radius said...

Best wishes and warmest regards to you Annie.

libertyscott said...

Annie, I know words can mean little. I had a friend who had a brain tumour, made the most of life as a result. I trust you can make all the time you have time you can enjoy more than not, for that is what life is about after all.

Sally said...

Thank's for the detailed update Anna - there's lot's of us out here who give a damn in a big way.
Do keep optomistic - I have seen surprize remissions in this sort of situation so you go girl! Let us know if there is anything we can do to help get you through the treatment.


Annie Fox! said...

Thanks for your thoughts everyone. Yep making the most of life is the key - but no change there of course.

Sorry Julian I have been slack on my studies :o(. But I will see you all next week after my 2nd chemo (if they let me out of jail of course).

Anonymous said...

Pleased to see the updated photo.

You are looking great!

(woolf whistles) :)


Paul said...

I can't remember when or from where I clicked through to your blog, but you've made some interesting posts and I'd like to thank you for your small contribution to the enjoyment of my spare time.

Trivial as it may be coming from a stranger, you have my best wishes and may keep them for as long as you need them, best of luck :).

Andrew said...

Amen to what Sally said. There's definitely plenty of us (and at least two in the UK) that give a damn!


The ex-expat said...

Hmmm puts my health problems and whining into perspective. Best wishes from the internet void...

Annie Fox! said...

Hi Ex-expat - the funny thing is even with my diagnoses I still run into people that are worse off than me - each time I go - thank god I don't have that or thank god I can still shower myself or eat without throwing up. Being in pain must be the hardest thing of all.

Olivia Pierson said...

Hi Annie,

I'm new to your blog and I love it! I'm also very impressed at how you're handling this whole diagnosis with such a marked lack of self-pity. You rock. Your comments on religion and the "spiritual side" at a time like this are refreshingly blunt - truly inspiring. All the best to you throughout your treatment.


Anonymous said...

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