Friday, 27 June 2008

Highlights of the week

10. Saw my CT scans – the before and the after – thank god I made the decision not to see the before, until the after was available – very bloody big it was, no wonder I had a grand mal seizure. Surprised it didn’t kill me on the spot. Unfortunately the printout isn’t of good enough quality that I can scan onto the blog, but suffice if to say – bloody hell.

9. They are taking me off the steroids – obviously they do this in stages as I believe it can kill you if you just go cold turkey – or maybe I’m being a tad dramatic. Anyway I’ve gone from a daily dose of 24mg Dexamethasone to 12mg. On Monday I go to 8mg and the following Monday to 4mg. Mum & Dad are pleased – I was getting rather argumentative, stroppy and aggressive – but since I got the argumentative and stroppy off Mum she can’t really complain too much – hehe. The aggressive wasn’t much fun though (and is still there a bit). Add to that the desperate hunger and weight gain, I was really feeling rather out of sorts. Looking forward to some weight loss and getting my face back.

8. Late night visitors had to con their way into the hospital this week – very successful they were too. So I have gained two extra brothers and one sister. But guys don’t think that you impressed me enough to get yourselves into the will :o)

7. Marina Erakovic has been fantastic this week, winning her first two singles games to get into round 3 at Wimbledon. I really think it is possible that she can win the next round against Tamarine Tanasgarn from Thailand. Pity she lost out of the doubles, but at least she can concentrate on one thing now.

6. Cool weather – I love storms and rain – and the hail is just an added bonus.

5. Was released from hospital today. Skipped around the ward a little too happily and loudly – forgot that everyone else was stuck there for the weekend – ooops sorry about that!

4. I visited the house renovation today and there is only one word for it – wow! Darling flatmate (DF), builders, labourers, plumbers, electricians, and the outstanding support from my ex-work colleagues and numerous others, has meant that the house should be ready to move into in the next few weeks and I’ll be able to spend some good quality time there. It was all quite overwhelming; it kind of doesn’t seem real actually. Poor DF has done the entire organisation without me. The only bonus for DF is that she gets to choose everything – fortunately she has good taste, so I’ve got nothing to worry about. To assist I’ve loaned her my Cancer Card, which has many more magical powers now that it’s been upgraded to Cancer Card Plus – plus meaning terminal, which I think will even hold sway with the doctors and nurses – but best not push that one till it’s needed. Anyway it’s getting a good work out by DF – the housewarming party is going to have to be huge.

3. I have organised most of my affairs now – it is so liberating to know everything is set right. It’s provides me with such a sense of calm that I have to recommend that you all do it. Now would be good.

2. Have been doing a marathon viewing of ‘House’ lately – am half way through Season 2 and somehow I had missed half the episodes first time round, so all good. Just love this show, it must easily be the best character ever invented for TV. Haematologist III said that it wasn’t at all realistic and I’m sure he’s right, but realistic would be incredibly boring to watch if ward rounds are anything to go by. Anyway, I watch House for the character, not for the medical aspect. I’d go so far to say that I might even love Dr House – I’ve never fallen for a non-person before – very weird. Oh well I’ll just say I love Hugh Laurie instead shall I :o)

1. Gosh the pressure to come up with a number 1. Thinking, thinking, thinking – oh I know, hair isn’t falling out. I cut it back in anticipation of baldness, but it doesn’t appear to be going anywhere at the moment. Oh well at least it’s easy to manage short.


Former Darling Flatmate said...

what's with the 'I' cut my hair back?

Signed Ex-DF

Andrew said...

"Mum & Dad are pleased – I was getting rather argumentative, stroppy and aggressive – but since I got the argumentative and stroppy off Mum she can’t really complain too much – hehe. The aggressive wasn’t much fun though (and is still there a bit)."

Anna Woolf get stroppy and aggressive? I don't believe it! ;-)

Annie Fox! said...

Dearest Ex-DF – Ooops sorry, I mean ... my ex-Darling Flatmate, who will always be a Darling, cut my hair - brilliantly as usual.

Dearest Andrew, I was a changed woman since my first bout of cancer – more relaxed and less stressed with work stuff. But yes I don’t suffer the fools and their comments with any sense of compassion – and that won’t change.

unPC lesbian said...

Don't forget I'm head of the queue for Mr "House"

Annie Fox! said...

Cripes, what do I have to do to get to the head of the queue? It must be a matter of $.

The ex-expat said...

I thought they were uploading pics onto their new computer system and as a result could email them to you.

Annie Fox! said...

Well they said not, and I didn't push, as they are flatout busy. But Brother II is working on scanning it, so I might get something up on the web this weeek.