Wednesday, 16 July 2008

My nemesis!

Due to renovations, I have been staying at Mum & Dad’s place, waaaay out in the country, faaaar from everyone else.

Everyone asks what it’s like staying at home with your parents – what they are really saying is that they couldn’t live back with their parents. But M&D are those relaxed, laid back, well balanced kind of parents and it really is fine – yes they have their ‘ways’, but I’m sure I’m more of a pain than they are.

However, they do have one veeery big fault. They are absolutely and totally in love with Boss the dog. This love means the little bugger can do no wrong. He sits on the couch; he sits on the arm chair. These are places I like to sit and I hate (and I mean hate) animal fur. If you move around the room he’s there constantly underfoot, if you aren’t moving around the room he’s there, wanting constantly to be patted. If you get in the way of him and food he bites you, if you smack him for this, he bites you again. If you say to M&D that this is unacceptable, they say you shouldn’t get in the way of him and food. If he steals food from the kitchen, it’s your fault for leaving it in his reach. If he goes into your room and steals your clothes, it’s your fault for leaving your door open. Every door has to be shut or he’s into everything - it's like living in a jail. He is an un-disciplined, spoilt baby and generally has the run of the house.

So Boss has become my nemesis. He thinks he is hot stuff – probably because Dad tells him so every 15 minutes. He also knows that he outranks me and he knows I’m on to him, but what does he care, he has the love, adoration and protection of M&D.

But I’ll figure out a way to get the better of him and I think it will involve the cat (Puppy) who rules it over Boss. She’s another weird animal, but loves (ok likes) me, so between us I’m sure we’ll think of something.


PC said...

"...he outranks me..."

And it's taken you how long to work it out? ;^)

Emilija said...

Anyone who has been to the Woolf residence will know EVERYTHING Anna has written about Boss is absolutely true. He is well named!

Annie Fox! said...

I think I've figured out why he thinks he's the boss. Everyone walks around him = so i've started to walk thru him and force him to get out of the way. Not sure if this is working yet but he does seem to be confused.