Thursday, 31 July 2008

When it rains it pours

Well moved back into Mt Eden today, with much help from many people (big hugs a kisses). The place is looking fantastic - except the outside of course which is a mud bath - so beware visitors, you might need your gumboots for awhile. Hopefully the rain stops soon and we can do the concreting etc.

Also I had my mask appointment with the Radiotherapists this afternoon, busy, busy. They basically heat a plastic mesh in hot water and then press it onto your face - kind of feels like a hot facecloth - but one that you can breath through thank god. Then when it's cold they mark the outside of the mask so they can line me up correctly each time I'm on the slab - so to speak. I'm somewhat claustrophobic, but managed to last the 30 minute process without losing it - almost nodded off at one point.

My five treatments start on Tuesday morning and run until the following Monday. Let's hope it can reduce the tumour significantly in order to give me some extra time. Let's hope it doesn't cause too much damage to the brain, but at the end of the day the tumour will have similar side effects anyway.

I am reasonably well at the moment, just have quick and extreme changes in temperament (yes more than normal), which is a little stressful, but probably more so for everyone else. So like everyone else I'm just blocking thoughts about being terminal as much as possible and getting on with things.


Anonymous said...

Good news to hear that your are home.Nothing like being in your own home with your own things around you. And no dog.

Allow yourself some changes in temperament - you have earned them!

Bob Greenie said...

Bless you sweet lady - may you be given the strength to endure. Hard times indeed but you are an inspiration to so many.

Your thoughts are powerful Annie let's all stay close - keep writing, keep spreading your sunshine, I admire your very fibre.


unPC lesbian said...

I humbly bow in the presence of your strength and fortitude...please keep on writing, you are beyond inspiration to us.

The ex-expat said...

Do you get to keep the mask to scare door-to-door salespeople with afterwards?