Sunday, 14 December 2008


I've often been heard ranting something along the lines of "god I'd hate to be Maori" or Tongan or Samoan and I can assure it's not because I'm pleased to be Pakeha, I really couldn't give a toss what ethnicity I am - after all it is just like gender - only an accident of birth.

My dislike of being born Maori/Tongan/Samoan completely relates to the patronising way they are dealt with by the government - particularly noticeable with the 'social education' campaigns. The campaigns will portray a stereotypical Maori/Tongan/Samoan - usually obese and acting semi-ridiculous (or is that just standard for TV these days?). In fact the only time I don't see an obese Maori/Tongan/Samoan in a TV advert is when it is a non-government campaign.

The only 'social eduction' campaigns I can think of that don't focus on the Maori/Tongan/Samoan is the 'Buy NZ' and 'Retirement Commission' adverts. Maybe the overpaid, braindead policymakers in Wellington think that Maori/Tongan/Samoan don't have any money to buy NZ or the brains to invest*.

Must be frustrating to be treated like you are a basket case purely based on your ethnicity. Awhile back I saw an interview with a Maori women - now living in Melbourne - she loved living away for New Zealand where she is now treated as an individual and judged on her character attributes - good or bad - not by the fact that she is Maori.

The Daily Show has a wonderful skit highlighting the changes in patronising practices now that Obama is nearly President - well worth the view.

* I can assure you when it comes to investing, ALL New Zealanders lack the brains.

Update: Well maybe not ALL, but 97% would be a fair estimate.


Elijah Lineberry said...

Ha ha..splendid post, Anna!

Yes, you are quite correct about New Zealanders being hopeless at investing...(and tend to get irate when this is pointed out).

Pleased you point out that Maoris in Australia tend to do well because no one is judging them on their ethnicity. Oh so true!

PC said...

First time I encountered this was back at school when all the wetness was just starting, and Maoris and Pacificic islanders were told to stay behind for a 'special assembly.'

Naturally, I stayed behind too with my mate, of darker hue, only to see him and other friends treated like they were naturally going to be basket cases.

We rolled our eyes at each other and left, not realising at that time this bullshit would soon be everywhere.

Anonymous said...

The maori's I met in Sydney were not doing that well in Australia, Australia was the first time I have ever seen Maori's beg actually

Annie Fox! said...

Anonymous: this is the problem when you don't see people as individuals but as a race. This beggar would have represented maybe 0.0005% of Maori in Sydney, but the overall prosperity of all Sydney Maori is made from this one person.

Maria said...

Sydney is probably not a good example of life in Australia, it appears to be particularly hard to get ahead there i feel, there housing market was crazey, I didn't see too many people at all doing that well there actually, unless you consider working endless hours doing well, the myth they spend all their time at Bondi beach is definetly a myth

Lita said...

I have an uber crush on Jon Stewart. Funny, smart and so cynical. Love him.

Good to hear this latest round is going well. Kia kaha.

Annie Fox! said...

Lita I can relate. Actually anyone that can make me laugh I fall in love with - so even Rob Riggle gets my heart. Ha - I'll miss him.