Thursday, 15 January 2009


Well I got back last week from a great holiday to an incredibly sore throat - couldn't eat, drink, swallow or blog. So headed to hospital on Friday for assistance and was given extra drugs and two bags of IV fluids. All improved from there and I fronted up on Tuesday for Chemo #4.

Because of my irritating ongoing cough and spiking temperatures my doctor wanted to do a chest xray. Came up clear but chemo had to be rescheduled for a week.

I must have played on the mind of my doctor who called me back in today for a CT scan. Two matters came out of this:
* I don't have any problems in my lungs.
* The tumours have pretty much gone.
So we carry on with the last three chemos and this course should be all over by mid-March.

I came off the Dexamethasone steroids I've been taking since May, so energy levels are very low. As much as I hate steroids I was kind of looking forward to my 10-days of Prendazone that I have as part of my chemo, anyway I should perk up again as my body adjusts to the steroid flux.


Lita said...

Brilliant news in two bullets.

Lindsay said...

That's promising, Annie.

Lea White said...

I'm glad to read things are going well at the moment.

Julian said...

That blog post sounds like good news :-) Yippieeee

Lita said...

Hope you are kicking chemos ass.