Tuesday, 30 June 2009

Holey fricking moley

Other patients have complained to me over the years about the sore mouth that comes with chemo. I've had some problems, but never really anything to write home about. Usually just goes away after a few rinses of salt and baking soda.

But this time it's unbelievable. Eating, drinking, swallowing, existing is so uncomfortable. I thought I was being a bit precious when I presented myself to the hospital at Monday's chemo, but you could see them physically recoil and say "we haven't seen something that bad for awhile". Nearly every part of the mouth is effected - ouch!

So I now have little sponges on lollipop sticks for toothbrushes, about three different mouthwashes and a course of Fluconazole to try and get on top of it. Don't really feel much better, but food like rice pudding and custard go down a treat - well maybe not a treat, but with less pain. So I think I should just stay home as much as I can and try and build up some kind of strength.

I have chemo on Thursday and then only Monday for three weeks. The spinal fluids are still running clear of cancer.

Update: Oh my god, then I sneezed!!!!!


Maria said...

Is Bloggers evening still on?

Annie Fox! said...

It's on the first Thursday of every month.

Madeleine said...

Except no one was there but Matt and I last night...

Your mouth thing sounds awful - I hope it is settling down.

Annie Fox! said...

Madeleine: Sorry about that, I thought others would have been there. Hopefully I can get to August 6th.