Friday, 19 June 2009

Updatedty Updated Update

Frick what a week last week was. Just after my last posting I was watching the Ambulance program 'Rapid Response' thinking they're kind of cute, gosh my shoulder hurts bad, let's give them a call, maybe they'll come out.

Well okay it wasn't quite like that - but after an afternoon of putting down continuously different pain killers I finally admitted defeat and asked Em to call the hospital to see if I should go to Ward 62 or A&E. My screaming caused them to say phone 111, which Em duly did and the lovely ambo team turned up. Out came the laughing gas to get me under control and stop the screaming - 10 puffs later, no pain - amazing! Unfortunately this stuff only lasts a couple of minutes so it was decided that admission overnight might be a good idea just in case the pain came back. So I got to suck on the juice of angels for a good 20 minutes and was rather chatty by the time I was admitted.

After a night of no sleep (god it's noisy there, nurses just stood outside the rooms talking in daytime voices that borded on outside voices), I headed home in the morning to have a shower and back to the hospital for #2 radiation therapy. Took Methadone for the rest of the week, which seems to work the trick for me. No pain now, and radiation therapy seems to be working a treat and my dead left arm is coming back to life.

Being sick is a busy life I would have you know. Was at the hospital 10 times last week, 6 for me and 4 for my flatmate who visited A&E twice on Wednesday night with an extremely painful eye - she didn't scream like me, but was in more pain. Anyway we are all fine now and I'm enjoying a more relax treatment schedule of chemo into the spine twice a week. This should go on for a few more weeks until my spinal fluids run clear of NHL.


Oswald Bastable said...

I know that pain- I remember it well.

You are in my thoughts...

Maria said...

wow what a week

Anonymous said...

Hi Anna

That is not great news. Sorry to hear you are back in the fight - goodluck with the next few weeks of chemo and hope the pain killers keep doing the trick.

Maria VR