Friday, 31 July 2009

122 slimey MPs on the wall ...

Now the politicians are trying to cut down on our drinking by making it more expensive and difficult to find, all in the name of saving us from ourselves because hell, I've made it to 41 and they know better than me - after all most of them haven't work it a productive job all their lives, but still this qualifies them to act like my Nana.

Now here's my theory why some (SOME I might add - not ALL of us) drink too much. We live in an unproductive economy, earning less than just about every significant OECD country. We are treated like a bunch of moronic, clueless children. The pathetic wages that we do manage to claw together is heavily taxed and handed to the most incredibly ungrateful bunch of beneficiaries ever. So the more money you take from us the less prosperous we are, the less fun we have, the more likely we are to drink and the more likely we are to drink cheap rubbish, which we all know makes you a horrible drunk. Russia being proof of this, in all it's depressing socialists regimes.

The more restrictions you put on substances, the stronger they become, the more they are abused. Drugs being the obvious demonstration of this problem all over the world and particularly in the US. Prohibition of alcohol early last century being another. But the mindless middle class just love trying to control the rest of us with their pious domination - its like living in society that's not run by individuals but run by the teachers union.

And don't you just love how the MPs think that we should pay more for our alcohol, of course it's not like the increase will effect their pocket given that they get us to pay for their drug high, along with holidays and living expenses.

Not PC, covers this insane proposal more eloquently and with just the right amount of profanity.

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Anonymous said...

Yep. Why not have the stuff cheap as possible. That way there is more money in your pocket after you've hammered yourself. Why increase the misery?
A drunk will get drunk whatever the price. Personal experience, and I did not drop the habit until I was personally ready to. The price meant nothing but a worse economic situation.