Sunday, 12 July 2009

The week that was 'crap' - updated

Well the mouth ulcers have reached epic proportions, making my face puff up and of course eating no fun at all. Add to this a head cold of runny nose and coughing I am simply rather pissed off and unhappy.

However not to give in to all this too much, Em and I headed down to Rotorua for a good long soak in the hot pools and some massage therapy - fantastic - wished we had this kind of thing on our doorstep.

Off to hospital tomorrow for the last chemo - well last one of this course anyway. Might be given platelets as well, depending on bloods and hopefully a new mouth is available also - just can't believe the ulcers just keep popping up, over and over and over again, surely at some point the mouth falls out?

Update: Final chemo was cancelled as my bloods are too low and ulcers causing concern. Happy with this as I don't think I could continue much longer in this state. Anyway my spinal fluid has been running clear for long enough we all think. Fortunately my head cold appears to be clearing now also.

Looking forward to getting back to normal soon.


Maria said...

Has the Frudor stopped working?

Annie Fox! said...

Was too scared to use it - the ulcers were everywhere, thought I might pass out with the pain of it all.

Cactus Kate said...

Hot pools are good, go Vegas. Hope you can get back to the massage ASAP. You can't possibly not feel better after that.

I shall go and sit under a nice big palm tree at a beach bar here in Anguilla at the weekend and get totally cactused in your honour :)

lady lavender said...

Hope you had a good rest up north! Those damned ulcers -- curse!

Lindsay said...

I can get 'cactused in your honour' anywhere. Courageous lady you are.

Annie Fox! said...

Cactus and Lindsay thanks for the drinks in my honour. Went for a business lunch yesterday and as usual the champagne came out, my ulcers were almost gone, so I had a glass for each of us. First drink for over a month :o)