Friday, 18 September 2009

Best flags in the world

Yes I'm showing off again - just had confirmation that Julia managed to set two new records in the 9-11 year olds in both the 50m sprint and long-jump.

But another reason for the photo is to show the three best flags in the world, all in one place. The maple leaf and the rising sun are beautiful symbols that the world recognise and admire. The silver fern is equally beautiful and loved by Kiwis. The most vigorous trading of uniforms at the Transplant Games was between the Canadians and New Zealanders - we appreciate good style when we see it.

My dying wish* for my country is that we dump the current flag that no-one really likes (or uses) and replace it with the Silver Fern that everyone likes and more importantly, everyone uses. It is the flag every Kiwi athlete grabs when they win, the flag every backpacker stitches to their pack, the flag the world recognises, admires and coverts. It is this recognition that will also make the transition from our confusing Ozzie-like flag incredibly easy and above all incredibly cheap (watch the trough feeders squeal about that). No PR hacks need be involved, no designers employed to come up with some ugly creation (South African flag springs to mind), and above all no need for bureaucrats, Maori and whiny white liberals to stuff it all up, because they too like the silver fern.

* I do have other wishes but it appears that the non-productive, welfare mentality is here to stay and is why this country best embrace the diary industry rather than hampering it, because that's all you've really got. All other commodities will be stuck in the ground for ever. But no need to worry about your kids, they'll find work ... overseas.


Anonymous said...

How about a colourful flag, something that is cheering and represents the loveliness of NZ.
Some blue for the sea definitely a lot of green a brown weka (far more interesting bird than the kiwi (and picked on by doc))some yellow stars three maybe,fit a fern in somewhere (prefer a green fern really)maybe or that might be a little cluttered. No black ,no foul crosses ,no red either as having the colour of blood on a flag represents bloody stupidity(to me anyway)

Annie Fox! said...

Here we go. Are you trying to wind me up.

Anonymous said...

Not at all. I had been thinking about the flag a few weeks ago and were just giving my thoughts.
Honestly don't like black because it is lifeless, a negation of colour. A fern is fine.

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