Friday, 11 September 2009

Sniffy update

I saw the Doctor on Wednesday, to have confirmed what I was expecting, that we have kind of come to the end of any real treatment options. Can't have any more Radiation Therapy, so the tumours that remain and new ones will just be. Basically the Intrathecal and PEP-C chemo that I started this week will hopefully slow the cancer growth some and give me as much extra time as possible. On day three of the PEP-C and I seem to be tolerating it well - only slightly nauseous, only 27 days to go. The Intrathecal will probably create ulcers in my mouth, so will probably stop these weekly injections at that point.

The lovely Hospice Nurse is coming over next week to start discussing pain management and palliative care. Going to beg, borrow or steal one of the those lovely lazy boy chairs to recline on and enjoy MySky. But not at that stage yet, feeling remarkably good at the moment and look deceptively healthy. My cold has dissipated and I seem to be have the cough under control - although god my ribs hurt.

So, for the third time, I start the process of getting 'my affairs in order'. It seems no matter how much you try there's always something outstanding, but I've discovered that I just can't make it perfect.

So off to the movies this afternoon and will be ordering the works - popcorn, icecream and Snifters - damn no Snifters! My work here can never be done :o(


Madeleine said...

Hey you - don't know what to say beyond I am thinking of you - enjoy the movies and popcorn and ice-cream!

Cactus Kate said...

Ooooo Get one of those fabulous massage chairs that you always thought were good in the shop but when you get home you never use after the novelty wears off.

And in your will leave it to either your eldest relative, or if none suitable, the local rest home so the elderly can get some good Annie Fox vibes!

Maria W said...

What movie did you see

Annie Fox! said...

Cactus: Unfortunately I get motion sickness so shaking chairs just don't do it. But I'll hire a team of young men for round the clock foot massages.

Maria: Séraphine. Interesting but long.

Opinionated Mummy said...

Annie, just started reading your blog, and somehow, a whole hour later, realised I've just read every single post. Great blog - you're on my list of favourites.

Not so great about your health, though. Am thinking of you. All the best.


Lea White said...

Your are in my thoughts. I'm so sorry that things are this way for you!

Anonymous said...

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