Thursday, 10 January 2008

Hugh, Hugh - I love you

Most excited I was on Monday when I spied an advert on the back of a bus for the new House season on TV3. Tuesday 8.30pm was apparently the time to feed my addiction of this sexy doctor - yay.

So I sat down at 8.30 Tuesday, with lust in my heart and excitement elswhere - to find that it bloody well wasn't bloody on. Oh well I thought it must be starting next week - but no I see it isn't starting then either. What kind of cruel joke is this!

Come on New Zealand TV - get your act together - we should be seeing new seasons a week after they are played in the US. In fact we should see it before it plays in the US - we are first of the rank each day after all.


Mrs Smith said...

It'll have to be a duel to the death. I want him too.

Annie Fox! said...

Since you are a Mrs - and I'm a Miss - you must already have your own Dr House. Therefore you should - on moral grounds - just stand aside and let me at him.

But since I suspect this argument won't wash with you, I would like to inform you that I've been working out at the gym, in addition I’ve gained more than a few pounds over the xmas period – therefore I’m fit and fat and will just sit on you until you see the error of your ways.

Stef said...

I hope that show isn't too effected by the writer's strike. Our TV prospects this winter is looking pretty bloody grim.

Annie Fox! said...

Fortunately there are some good new series coming out over the next year. I was lucky to see the first episode of 6 new programs that are starting on TVNZ, including an excellent NZ drama.

Maybe this strike will mean that the production houses will do some new dramas in places like NZ and Australia.