Friday, 11 January 2008

Rules for life #1: Cut labels off!

Over at Idle Vice, Mrs Smith brings up a serious problem that has plagued mankind since clothes met industrialised manufacturing - clothing labels.

Ever since my childhood I have hated - yes hated - labels. All labels, big and small, long and short, in all their many and varied forms and on all things without exception*. You will rarely see me wearing clothes that has the brand name sewn on the outside (difficult to avoid on gym gear I know). And last week, to my horror, I purchased a Kathmandu shirt, got home to find that they had sewn Kathmandu into the sleeve of all places - jesus h christ, what is the world come to.

Labels are simply not cool, or stylish, or hip, or whatever word you use to portray what is truly pure and good in this world.

People ... get those scissors, grow those nails, get that rag and cut, peel and rub, but above all, remove all labels! And whilst you're at it, add "Cut labels off!" to your rules for life list that you just stated a minute ago.

* I find that the make and model printed onto electronic equipment is rather handy for when I talk to service technicians, so I can inform him what make and model I purchased, since I threw the instruction book away long ago.


PC said...

May I keep the 'label' on my MG, please Boss?

Annie Fox! said...

Because you have shown me the respect I deserve, I will allow you to keep the MG label on your car.

Mrs Smith said...

I used to be a dedicated Dior sunglasses gal, until they started making their logos ten feet tall. In diamantes! As if.

Annie Fox! said...

Dior appeared to go from chic French style to Mafia trash Italian style - maybe they employed an Italian designer about then. Or maybe they were just trying to catch the new Mafia money coming out of Russia.

Jonathan Foster said...

i think mike rowe's 'rules' in the latest fast co magazine are interesting...
1. Never follow your passion, but by all means bring it with you.
2. Beware of teamwork.
3. Vomit proudly and whenever necessary.
4. Be careful, but don't be fooled--safety is never first.
5. Think about what you are doing--never how.
6. Ignore advice such as "Work smart, not hard." It's dangerous--and moronic.
7. Consider quitting

thanks, jonathan at