Saturday, 23 February 2008

The Evil Witch vs. Snow White

Now in general I'm not the biggest fan of female singers - their high shrieking tones just hit my inner ear and send me running from the room. One that particularly makes my skin crawl is Kiri Te Kanawa.

So I laughed when I spotted the front page of the Herald this morning with Kiri lashing out at Hayley Westenra. Talk about the Wicked Witch of the West having a go at Snow White. And why the bitterness? Could it be the green eyed monster raising it's ugly head Kiri?

Hayley has a highly successful career and has added some spice to what really is a very stuffy boring art form - and she does this without making my ear drums shatter. Apparently men don't hear the high grating sounds that Soprano singers reach - nor those wailing electric guitar riffs - nor their nagging whining wives - not their screaming children. Might it be because they have lost some of their hearing? But for the rest of us with perfect hearing, soprano's, electric guitars, whining, screaming and whistling are just simply torture.

Listen here to the clear and young tones of Hayley.

Listen here to bitter tones of Kiri, is that a microphone I see?

And what did Hayley have to say about Kiri's nasty little act of unprofessionalism? "No comment" - very classy indeed my young friend.


Anonymous said...

Your 'microphone' comment is a pathetic dimbo one because you obviously don't understand the relevence. Dame Kiri jealous, yeah right. Hayley 'adds spice' to a stuffy artform? Now I know you must be deaf. What comment could Westenra make apart from admit to being an opera whore who uses arias to delude people into thinking she is better than she is when in fact she's simply bland and boring and only an Easy Listening singer.

Oswald Bastable said...

Anonymous- say no more...

Annie Fox! said...

Yes I know Oswald – he must be someone I know I suppose.

But whilst I’m here ... thank you 'anonymous' but my hearing is near perfect - unfortunately. This means that the very high pitched noises that come from female singers, whistling and electronic guitars etc are just incredible painful. To really enjoy Soprano singers you have to have lost the top range of your hearing - otherwise it's just another torture session.

To be honest I was only have a dig at you Kiri lovers - I don't listen to Hayley either, but Kiri's is a just a social thug - it isn't the first time she lashed out and made an arse of herself.