Friday, 14 March 2008

Insurance Companies - not charities

There has been a bit said about our East Auckland mugging victim over the past couple of days. But one strange idea that keeps coming up is that the insurance company should pay for the cars that were damaged in this, all together inspiring, act of retaliation.

When did everyone start to think of insurance companies as some kind of charity? When you sign up for insurance there is a list of events that the insurance company will pay for - using you vehicle as a weapon is most definitely not one of them. Can you imagine the claims that would suddenly start flowing in if they agreed to this claim (not that I think the man was stupid enough to even put a claim in). Can you imagine the increases in insurance premiums.

If you really think this guy deserves his car to be fixed by someone other than himself, then send him some money - don't demand that the insurance companies should pay for something they never agreed to insurer.

Anyway it sounds like he doesn't want any help anyway - he accepts that it was his decision to ram the other car and that he should pay - good man!


Anonymous said...

I thought that people were donating money to this guy

Annie Fox! said...

Yes you are right - he said that he wasn't taking anymore donations and I misunderstood and thought he said he wasn't taking any donations.