Friday, 14 March 2008

Gang Hero - Jim Anderton

The gangs must be rubbing their hands with glee - Jim Anderton has handed them even more money on a plate with the banning of BZP party pills.

Drug dealers all round New Zealand must be stocking up on the pills and storing them for the oncoming price rise that goes along with any product that is made illegal or scarce - even the most stupid amongst us understand this concept - but apparently not the politicians. Mind you they are Socialists so their understanding of action and reaction is markedly limited at the best of times.

They are so lacking in common sense that I can only conclude that they have been partaking too much in their drug of choice - alcohol.

Of course like all things in business it's not guaranteed that users of party pills will continue to buy them - the law may actually do what it intended and reduce the number of BZP pills used ... as users switch over to speed etc - brilliant!

And now instead of chatting to the nice shop owner they will be chatting to gang members and the such like - New Zealand is now a better place.

Jim you are no ones hero but the gangs - up to now there have been no deaths attributed to the use of BZP in New Zealand - but just watch the death toll mount up in a month or so.


Oswald Bastable said...

I think their drug of choice is power...

Anonymous said...

I doubt it. BZP is a crappy mimick for standard ecstasy (MDMA). I can't imagine a big demand for it once it goes illegal.