Monday, 23 June 2008

Chemo #3

Well back at hospital today for the week for Chemo #3. CT scan at 2.30pm, but imagine I won’t get results until tomorrow morning at the next doctor’s rounds.

But good news – they have halved my steroid dosage – hopefully freak status reduces, along with wanting to eat the whole fridge every few seconds.

Here is the only photo I’ll let released at the moment of me and my darling nieces (DN1, 2 & 3). DN2 is also up here at Auckland in StarShip with a blocked bile duct – which they have operated on and hopefully she’ll be allowed to go home soon – she is getting really, really bored, but in true DN2 style is still going strong and great to be around. This is of course nothing but convenient for the family – one visit, two patients.

Fortunately, I’m very mobile so I just wander around the hospital whenever I feel like it. And now I’ve been set up with a Vodafone connection on my laptop, so happily sitting looking out the window at the trees of the domain and keeping in contact with everyone. Feel more like a human being connected to the world.

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