Thursday, 19 June 2008

Warning: contains religious content

I'm never shy to discuss a topic, and since friends - and strangers - seem to be bringing up religion at regular intervals at the moment, I feel free to raise this topic all over again - don't blame me, you guys started it.

I thought everyone knew that I was a die hard atheist, but since it still is a topic of conversation obviously some think that since the end of my life is in the foreseeable future I would suddenly find some kind of spiritual belief and go against a lifetime of knowledge. Sorry to disappoint, but I'm still a staunch atheist and will be to the end. In fact, if at all possible I'm stauncher.

Some of my more humours agnostic friends have asked me to tap them on the shoulder if there is something on the other side, but since I feel they might have a tendency to be a little to eager to see me around, I've decided that I will only tap my other die hard atheist friends on the shoulder - these guys are less likely to see or hear things :o)

But seriously, this does raise the topic of my survival. I know that because I don't pray, or meditate, or spend my days with continuous 'positive thoughts', some of you will be thinking that I have wiped out my chances and if only I turned to the spiritual world I would be saved or add on extra years to my prognosis. A study done in Melbourne has shown what I thought would have been blatantly obvious that
positive thinking makes no difference to surviving cancer and I add the same to prayer and meditation. The pressure that is put on patients to be positive all the time is just plain cruel. About the only thing staying positive probably will do is make life easier for friends, family and nurses - and in this matter I think I have a good attitude and am more than happy to discuss the whole cancer and dying issue to anyone who can handle it. And I'm happy to say that most can.

Then there is the other religion that seems to be completely faith based - the alternative health treatments. Having spent most of my life eating whole foods and avoiding chemicals I still managed to get cancer. I continued this health kick (except for my daily Gingernut fix) during my last bout of cancer but this didn't stop it returning. Another Melbourne study also debunk such things as Supplements and Green Tea.

Every alternative therapy that I've read about has absolutely no evidence that they work, yet the advocates talk like these treatments are miracle cures - they will advertise the case of one outlying patient 'that had been sent home to die' by the doctors, but had taken on this alternative treatment or other and survived. Never mind that they had been on chemo and radiation for that last year. Never mind that no studies are ever done on these alternative treatments. And never mind that they simply don't work - the pressure to pursue all this stuff is incredibly invasive and somewhat stressful.

But I'm starting to rave, so I'll sign off now :o)

PS: CT scan on Monday - so big day to see if the tumour is shrinking, or not. And no I'm not having thoughts (positive or negative) about this outcome - just simply a little nervous.


Anonymous said...

Good luck to you Annie.

And good on you for freeing your mind of all that unnecessary baggage.


Anonymous said...

I have often wondered about the comment 'after a brave fight with cancer'. I wonder who they fought? The doctors? The medication?

And how does one fight something like cancer? Like fighting the wind, or the rain?

Annie Fox! said...

Yeah I don't get the 'brave fight' thing either - nothing brave about just turning up to have chemo pumped into you - no fight in it either.

All the doctors do is put a plan in action and hope it has the desired outcome - sometimes it will, sometimes it won't.

Oswald Bastable said...

I used a few alternatives- thinking why not have a dollar each way!

I like to think both worked.

Who knows, but I'm still here...

Kimx said...

Yes bad things DO happen to good people ;(

Anonymous said...

Good to see you in rave mode! Would be too weird if you became a reflective spiritualist. Much prefer you as you are!
(Camille - can't be bothered signing up.)