Tuesday, 22 July 2008

Next step

Emotions were high on Monday, but after a good nights sleep I headed in to see the Radiotherapist. Had to stay in my room all day just in case they turned up, they will just vanish again if you aren't. Anyway I was there when he arrived and my brother Tony was able to be with me, so between the two of us we covered all the questions.

The plan is 5 shots of radiotherapy and this will start in about 10 days (they like a gap of 1-month between chemo and radiotherapy). Before then I go in to have a mask made for my face - that sounds like fun!

Everyone is reasonably confident that this will control the tumour and should give me an extra month or two or three.

So it's great to be out of the ward and back at Mum & Dad's. Next week the final touches are made to the house and moving day is Thursday the 31st - looking forward to this very much.

My PICC line half stopped working (will take in fluids, but not give bloods) so they took it out - now I'm free!! So back to two showers a day instead of one, in fact when I'm home with the gas hot water I might just stand in the shower all day.

Have lost my appetite this week, which is very strange for me. Was looking forward to losing some weight with little effort on my part, but they have put me back on 4mg of steroids so I'm sure I'll be in the fridge again.

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Anonymous said...

Have you thought about pot. They say here it shrinks cancer


and it would help with the appetite and nausea. Available on prescription (sativex) but costs $300. Could be worth a try.