Monday, 7 July 2008

Yet another limp wristed policy from National

I thought I was going to have to praise the National Party today. Not something I usually like doing and very rarely have any reason to either.

The NZ Herald sums it up like this:
Current law: Can be dismissed within a probationary period but can take a personal grievance claim if they believe the decision is unfair.

National's plan: Small businesses (with fewer than 20 workers) can dismiss a new staff member within 90 days, with no prospect of a personal grievance claim.

Now the thought behind this kind of policy is great for the marginal employee such as the unemployed, new migrants, the disabled or school leavers. It is this kind of employee that struggles the most to get on the first rung of the ladder. And given the numerous restrictions on employment and the existence of a minimum wage, the unemployed's chance of stepping onto that first rung is severely reduced and welfare becomes their lot. A situation that Labour for some reason just loves and since National sits shoulder-to-shoulder with Labour we expect National to come up with a limp-wristed policy such as this.

If National really wanted to make difference, it would remove all the limitations and restrictions on employment that they and Labour have forced upon the producers of this country, not waste our time with these silly half-arse rules that really will achieve nothing.

I bet within 91-days of this law being enacted there will be a court case where a fired employee will claim that they felt forced into the 90-day prohibition period and given the general lack of support for contract law by our severely impaired justice system, the employee will walk away with a fine sum of money. I see the next gravy chain in the making.

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Elijah Lineberry said...

Yes, you are quite right, Anna...a typically silly policy we have come to expect from Tory politicians.

As you say...they should remove restrictions on employment first.