Friday, 29 August 2008

The little things that really piss me off!

My brain function has changed somewhat - I get flustered very easily, which I suppose isn't that unusual for me, but I now rave every time it happens. Poor Emilija has to listen to me rave at the TV all night - suppose it has its humours moments, but when I start to repeat myself that I get worried. Maybe I've got torettes :o)

But I thought I'd share with you some of the things I've been raving about for the best part of two weeks - all very minor really, but hey they're always the most annoying aren't they ....

Median Strips: The median strip is designed so drivers that are turning right across the road can sit whilst they wait for a gap in traffic. Too many of you pull into it at the last second, leaving your butt sitting out in the left lane so no one can drive past. Don't do this - it's really bloody annoying - start moving into the median strip as soon as you start to slow down (yes you are allowed to). Then you are out of the way and traffic doesn't have to slow down for you and in many cases stop.

Indicating: New Zealanders (particularly Aucklanders) just can't seem to indicate to save themselves and the ones that do only do so for a maximum of 1-second. They seem to be of the opinion that other drivers are psychic and automatically know what their next random move will be. Mind you having psychic ability wouldn't help much as there rarely seems to be any conscience thought granted to their driving. For your information you are meant to indicate for a minimum of 3-seconds. And for the record, no I don't believe in psychics.

Net curtains & blinds: Everywhere you look there are net curtains or blinds or curtains blocking out all the sun, so houses are damp and smelly. Please open up your houses let the light in and live healthy. No wonder we suffer from Asthma and mouldy houses. Stuff trying to insulate all the houses in NZ - just let in some healthy sun each day and fresh air and we'll save the taxpayer 1-billion dollars. And that's another thing that pisses me (and housemate off), we've just spent a small fortune on insulation and heating for the house and now we have to pay for the every other blugger to have their houses done. At least by dying I won't have to pay for anymore of this kind of crap (see it is torettes) and most of the rest of you support either Labour, National, NZ First or Greens so it serves you right - you voted for it.

Privot: You see it everywhere - especially on Council and Transit NZ land. This is a weed, it spreads like wildfire and smothers any plant or forest it grows near. It is not suitable as a hedge and it is not an attractive tree for your garden - kill it.

Toothpaste ads: I don't know why - they just really, really annoy me. And they must all use the same advertising company.

Kissing pets: They seem to have stopped showing owners and pets touching mouths in adverts, finally. But why people kiss their pets or let their pets lick them is beyond me - surely they must know where their pets mouth has been. If you do this vile activity you should be required to have a warning tattooed on your forehead, so I can avoid kissing you.

I'm sure there's plenty more that I've temporarily forgotten about - I'll get them off my chest as they come to mind. What little things annoy you - go on entertain me?


Lea White said...

People who see you want to shift into the next lane and they speed up, even though there is a thumping big sign showing your current lane is merging into the next one.

Oh and the massive trucks driving on your backside, then hooting at you impatiently when you are already driving at the speed limit.

Yes, I also cannot handle the whole kissing pets situation.

My husband who keeps correcting my grammar (I think I speak English pretty well even though it is not my first language).

Oh and each time we run late, that's the morning that hubby has to stand there and go through the pile of stuff on the kitchen counter (after he had the whole night to do it...)

Can't think of anymore tonight, but give me a bit more time... :-)

Lea White

Annie Fox! said...

Arh yes, if I had a husband I'd have a list a mile long I'm sure :o)

Oswald Bastable said...

I too spent money insulating my house, putting in thermal drapes, a heat pump and energy efficient lights.

I did it to have a more comfortable home and to save myself money on energy costs.

Now I get to have the privilege of paying out for:

a- those who couldn't be arsed doing this at their own cost
b- for all the rental properties out there.

Next thing they will be wanting us taxpayers to fund bloody heat pumps for the 'poor'- who will then want money to cover the cost of running them.

All the other stuff bugs the hell out of me too! Especially those who like to swap spit with their stinkin' critters!

Elijah Lineberry said...

Servants who start using a vacuum cleaner when one is trying to read a book...

homepaddock said...

I'm with you against net curtains and any other window covering which shuts out the sun.

Also irritated by:

people who get the pages of the paper out of order;

people who travel at 95 or less then speed up to 100 or more when they get to passing lanes;

and people who put bananas and broccoli heads in plastic bags at the supermarket.

Paul said...

Net curtains block almost no sun, they're just for privacy; it's kinda nice to have sun AND privacy in a block of units :p. Blinds f**king suck, should never have been invented, they make no sense, and if I wasn't renting I'd rip them out and stomp on them. But the curtains suck too and I'm not buying curtains for a place I rent, so I use the F blinds. Gah.

I work in a supermarket, so my main pet peeve would be inconsiderate bastards. We could feed Africa with the amount of stock that gets left in/out of the freezer/chiller, but instead we have to throw it out if it isn't caught in time, all because some airhead f'wit, who doesn't even know what they want to buy, can't be arsed walking for 30 seconds to put the damn thing back where they got it from. People who ask where something is only to be embarrassed when they're told that they're standing next to it, because they didn't bother looking. People who come through 10 minutes before we close and A) ask me to fetch them 20 boxes of something or B) grab it themselves, emptying the shelf I JUST FILLED.
Seriously, some days a single thoughtful act can stun me in place for a good 30 seconds, it just doesn't actually happen.
Of course, most of the time I'm laughing at these people, but it does get taxing sometimes.

What else? oh yeah, hitting every single red light. Txt speak in written ads. Self-service checkouts that take too long to process your credit card transactions, all the while audibly prompting you to: swipe card/choose type/enter PIN (so others know to look now), even though it is YOU waiting for IT. People who take 20 minutes to buy 3 items at the self service machine, and the fact that traditional express lanes no longer exist. The fact that shaving means I get asked for ID more often (although I guess I shouldn't be complaining). When 5 cars queue up in front of the bus in the bus only lane. When I waste too much of my time complaining about non-sense on the internet :p.

woolfcubsltd said...

Hello unu I read your things that piss u off!!!

I also hate it when people use the word like to often.
And When they eat loudly with their mouth open!!!!
And people saying what!!

Annie Fox! said...

Hi Woolf Cubs,

Welcome to the blog world my darling nieces. Do I have to censor my language now?

Love Aunty Unu