Wednesday, 27 August 2008

Daffodil Day

On Friday we have The Cancer Society's Daffodil Day.

Just thought I'd give you all an easy link so you can donate - or not - no pressure.


Anonymous said...

My Misses is doing a sausage sizzle for D/D. She has impounded my best onions.

Annie Fox! said...

All for a good cause.

Lea White said...

I bought some real live daffodils today at New World where they give part of the money to the Society. Not sure why I didn't just go for the "fake" ones because flowers don't seem to last in our house.

Just the other day hubby bought me some roses and as soon as I put them in the water they looked all droopy (but then we were in a terrible rental home so maybe it's something in the water...)

Lea White