Monday, 8 September 2008

Busy, busy ...

Well it's been a rather busy week, popped over to Melbourne with Mum and Yoke Har & Julia for Julia's annual PET scan - no results back from this scan as yet, waiting, waiting - very impatiently I might add!!!

Also went to see my cousin and his family who now live in Melbourne. It's great to see them happy and successful with two cute little girls with characters to match - a real credit to their successful parenting.

It was a whirlwind tour of just two nights so arrived back rather tired, but all well worth it - especially as I was able to buy Season Four of 'House' - very happy about that as I needed another fix of Hugh.

I have started to make up milestones I'd like to see - surviving to see Season Five of House is one of them, along with seeing P.J. O'Rourke who apparently is coming over in November for the CIS annual dinner. Obviously Xmas would be good and my 41st would be even better. But in the meantime I head off on holiday to Fiji on Wednesday for 6 nights - yay - never been there before.

Also managed to survive a Housewarming Party with a 1am bedtime - great to see everyone there and a success if I say so myself. Thanks for all the presents - if we haven't thank you directly it's because we had quite a few with no cards.

The house is now officially open.


Lita said...

Hark at you, jetsetting all over the globe. Enjoy your holiday, Fiji is on my list of places to get to also.

I assume you're in the midst of a House marathon right now, before you travel. Hugh was born for that role.

Oh and whichever uncarded, expensive present you liked the most - that was from me ;-)

Elijah Lineberry said...

Yes it was a jolly splendid party on Saturday night...I enjoyed myself greatly!

Sorry if I helped keep you up...I quite lost track of time *blushes* ...I honestly thought it was about 10pm until Peter mentioned it was 12:30am!

Mark Hubbard said...

Annie, if you like P.J. O'Rourke, then I think you'll enjoy - hope you have broadband - this Clive James interview with him.

It's a strange video embedding mechanism he uses, so just put your cursor anywhere in the bottom dark area to show up the controls to start the tape.

And if you liked that, then you may also enjoy a number of James's other Talking In the Library Interviews. If you look on the right, you'll see four series of them available.

Annie Fox! said...

Lita ... Arh I wondered who gave me that gold bar. Useful for riding out this well overdue market correction.

Elijah ... no need to apologies - I to was somewhat confused about the time - all good fun!

Mark ... thanks for the link - always good to hear PJ.