Friday, 17 October 2008

I'm back!

Sorry for the silence on my part, since coming back from Fiji I've been in somewhat of alot of pain, which meant going on some morphine based pain killers which meant I was nausea, which meant I was vomiting, which meant I felt bad.

However the pain has subsided now and I'm getting my appetite back (lost 6kgs in 2-weeks) and can communicate again.

Had a CT scan of my head, chest and stomach. The brain tumour is just about non existent now, but I have three new tumours, two on my lung and one under my arm. So I will be taking on some more chemo starting on the 4th of November. Fortunately, it is all outpatient stuff on a 28-day cycle. So we'll see how all this goes - I never seem to have much problem with treatments so hopefully it's the same this time. Anyway I can stop the treatments whenever I like.


Anonymous said...

Great to hear about the brain tumour, and what a bummer about the others...... I really hope that the chemo helps though - and like you say, if it makes you feel too grotty then you can just stop it!!!

Great to hear from you again

The ex-expat said...

Glad to hear from you! Was worried that was the last post. I hope the that the upcoming treatment goes well.

Anonymous said...

Hi Anna,

Hope the other tumours disappear as well.

Thinking about you often.

Take care and keep fighting.


Bernard Hickey said...

Great to hear you're back Anna.
Just in time to vote for someone...
And to watch all the financial chaos...
Seriously. Looking forward to more posts.

Lita said...

Good to see your post. Sorry to hear about new tumours, hope the chemo is bearable and does its stuff.