Friday, 7 November 2008

Freedom of Speech

Over at No Right Turn - Idiot/Savant attacks the National Party supporters for being Anti-Freedom of Speech after Labour supporters made a racket in Palmerston North when John Key came to talk to National Party supporters.

I know I'm stating the obvious but surely impeding John Key's Freedom of Speech was what the Labour protester wanted to do?

Anyway protesting during the election is kind of strange, especially coming from the party that is in power. Election time is really for campaigning not protesting, but of course I defend their right to protest - especially when it makes them look like a bunch of twats.

I'm staying in tonight to preserve my energy for tomorrow nights election party. I'm been rewarded by an hour long special of Eating Media Lunch.

Jeremy Wells for Prime Minister!

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Lita said...

Now that would've been an easy vote! Sigh, if only... imagine how much more fun and attractive media interviews with the PM would be.