Monday, 10 November 2008

John Boy's first mistake

Well John Key has made his first and worst possible mistake (didn''t take long) by not bring Rodger Douglas into the cabinet as Finance Minister.

Douglas is the only one that has the economic brains that could have limited the pain New Zealand is going to go through.

It is the current tax payers that will suffer as they watch their hard earned money being handed out to useless businesses and equally useless citizens who have been living beyond their means.

The elderly will lose significant chunks of their savings to inflation - mind you that generation has stolen from my generation by borrowing too much in the past, my generation paid all that off and now they are going to take up new loans for non-GDP raising infrastructure - do they never learn.


Anonymous said...

Theres a group on facebook you can join in protest

Lea White said...

I tag you.

The rules are:
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Lea White

Anonymous said...

Why would anyone support Roger Douglas - he caused the suffering of this country under the Lange government. I think its the first sensible thing Keys as done - there might be some hope for us. Neat blog, keep well.

KG said...

Why would anyone form a coalition with the racist Maori Party? Which is what Key announced this morning.
Kiwis did not vote for this or anything remotely resembling it.