Wednesday, 18 March 2009

B3 - Bloggers Bar Bash

It can be a lonely life, that of the blogger, as we thump away on our keyboards so we can inform, amuse and yes sometimes even bore our fellow man.

But fear not, we have a solution: bloggers are welcome to join the Bloggers Bar Bash - B3 - which is to be held the first Thursday of every month. The next B3 is on the the 2nd of April from 6.30pm onwards at Galbraiths, 2 Mt Eden Road, Mt Eden, Auckland.

There are many seating areas in Galbraiths, so you may need to look around. Last time we were outside, but it might be too cold/wet for that? Peter and I have committed to attending so just look out for me in the head scarf and Peter, he's tall.

Non-Dorklanders: please stop in whenever you are in town, it would be great to meet you.


XChequer said...

Ahh... I miss Galbraith's because......uhmm..... well no reason particularly but it's just one of those places that everyone (not just in Auckland) knows!.

Will raise a toast to you from ChCh. Have a great time.

My regards to your tumour however if you might do me a favour and ask it to oblige me by leaving via the nearest exit, I'd be most grateful.


XChequer said...

P.S. You're looking gorgeous by the way.


Annie Fox! said...

XChequer: This tumour is stone deaf and like me pig headed - it shrinks away after a blast, then comes back when I'm not looking.

Unfortunately not looking quite so good these days - this cancer process is no friend of beauty.

XChequer said...

There is nothing worse than a deaf and impolite illness and, should I have the good fortune to meet you one day, shall be speaking extremely sternly to the bugger , you can be sure!

As for beauty, I'm certainly not going tell a lady how she should feel - tried that once, ended badly - however, given the evidence of the photo below,one can't hide a smile with no hair.

Whaleoil said...

Sounds good. i'll put it in my diary

Madeleine said...

Sounds great only 2 April is my birthday... should probably take a break from blogging for this auspicious occaision LOL!

MY said...

But you are the best-looking and the smartest woman in the world - hair or no hair!

Annie Fox! said...

Arh well Madeline as much as we would like to shout you for your birthday, I'm sure you'd rather be with the family. We hope to see you in May.

Madeleine said...

Well if you are going to shout I might be able to pop by.... LOL!

Actually I would rather pretend it is not my birthday, turning 36 is seriously looking 40 in the face.

I don't actually have any plans yet so I will see how I feel - I love meeting other bloggers, dunno why, but I guess reading their thoughts makes you feel like you know them or something, that and I have a limited number of friends who actually enjoy discussing politics and public discourse.

Annie Fox! said...

Well I'm about to look 41 years in the face - on April 3. Must say getting older has never bothered me much - think of it this way, if you're not getting older you're dead! Ooops was that abit too blunt? ;o)

Madeleine said...

Not too blunt!

I guess if the night goes on enough we can both celebrate our birthdays.

You don't look remotely old enough to be +40.

Maria said...

Do you have to be a blogger, or can anyone come