Friday, 3 April 2009

Happy Birthday to Me!

For those that know me will understand that I'm not much into celebrating birthdays, but they do mark the passing of a persons life and represents one more milestone that I have passed.

No one thought I would make it to 41 years (including myself) and I make it to this stone feeling just fine and dandy - except for a slightly sore back - and somewhat tired due to late night at Galbraith's. A most enjoyable night discussing abortion, leaky homes and pedophiles, amongst other highly unimportant matters I'm sure. For a moment there we bloggers were outnumbered by non-bloggers, but that was quickly rectified.

I'm due my last chemo next Tuesday and that is that for this round, hopefully I can have a big break before the next bout of cancer rears its ugly head all over again. But we shall see.

I have booked some trips around the country, so it's Easter with the family at the big new bach, early May in Christchurch (apparently some hot air ballooning is on the cards) and the end of May in Nelson.

Next milestones: P.J. O'Rourke dinner and eating cheese again - both at the end of April. Oh and some time during the month I should be able to have the odd glass of wine, not that I'm too fussed on the wine front, but a really, really expensive glass of wine when one is out for dinner is a luxury I've been denied.


Madeleine said...

Happy Birthday Annie! It was great meeting you last night - hope you have a lovely day today!

Lea White said...

Happy birthday!!!!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Anna.
An enjoyable evening at Galbraiths. Great to meet you all.

Cactus Kate said...

Well done Fox. PJ O'Rourke dinner here you come...

John said...

A belated happy birthday Anna. If you are passing through Wellington give me a call.