Sunday, 5 April 2009

New Zealand's Loser Models

Complaints have been made that the latest reality abomination - New Zealand's Next Top Model - does not meet some kind of racial diversity criteria.

Those races that are not represented in this appalling show should be proud that their young woman haven't joined the ranks of these shrieking, grumpy, miserable, underfed, female embarrassments. Christ my pre-teen nieces don't scream like that anymore - well except when they jump into a pool set at 14 degrees celsius, but fair enough, even their Aunty would let out a few choice swear words at that temperature and that's coming from a woman that doesn't even squeak when bungy jumping .

Please, put your brain in gear and spend your hand ringing hours worrying that your young women aren't represented in science, engineering, business, finance and the such like, not some useless modelling programme that is just designed to make them all look like fools.

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Lady Lavender said...

Precisely why Princess is not allowed to get too carried away by this sort of "modelling" nonsense. Those girls in the contest are all beautiful. Being judge about their inability to make it to the top of the profession is totally demeaning.