Monday, 20 April 2009

Avatar Nerd!

I'm one of those strange people that just love winter, I love rain and I especially love storms and can't understand when people moan as soon as any of the above arrive. So I loved yesterday particularly - pity there was no thunder and lightening.

With the chill in the air, the central heating system has been switched on, along with the electric blanket and the Winkie sees the light of day - so to speak.

I have been entertaining myself reading books and going to the odd movie:
* Topp Twins 8/10 By the by, I met them once - at a Bayleys awards dinner - where they stole my bag and made me come up on stage to get it back. Great fun, fantastic ladies.
* Gran Torino 8/10
* Welcome to the Sticks 7/10
* Slumdog Millionaire 7/10
* In Bruges 7/10

And a whole list to view over the next month: The Wrestler, The Reader, The Boat That Rocked, Milk and Dean Spanley,

Great viewing, but none so great as Avatar - the last airbender, which is a Nickelodeon series that seems to grab kids and adults, male and female alike. I highly recommend the three 'books' in the series and would love to know when series two is due out.

But in the meantime, under production and screening in 2010 is a fantasy film of the first series, with our own Cliff Curtis to play Fire Lord Ozai, ooooooh I can't wait - another event to aim for.

So yes - as this photo demonstrates - I've become an official nerd and now I rue the years I've wasted in boring world. Or am I regressing back into my childhood? Oh well, either way, all good.


Lindsay said...

My boy loves winter too. We get up in the morning, look out at what other people would grimace at, smile and say, "It's a Robert-kind-of-day."

Haven't got any northern hemisphere lineage have you?

Maria said...

I will come to the reader

Annie Fox! said...

Lindsay: English and French and someone said Spanish, but I think that was just wishful thinking by some Aunties.

John said...

I remember that awards dinner well. I think I was hiding behind you when they came to the table! I listened to an interview with them recently and thought of that night.

Annie Fox! said...

John I will be coming to Wellington sometime this winter - will definately give you a call.

Madeleine said...

Now you see that is cool! If you had hair you couldn't have pulled that off.

My kids enjoy Avatar too and I sometimes watch it with them and like it a bit too.