Wednesday, 22 April 2009

IRD - hahaha

Oh joy, 250 IRD staff are to lose their jobs - not really enough for my liking of course, but it's a step in the right direction.

To all you softies out there that say "but what about the the poor workers" I say, working for any government agency makes one morally bankrupt - unless of course it is a temporary job in HR that lays off hundreds and thousands of workers. Working for the IRD makes one morally bankrupt and the scum of the earth. So no I don't feel sorry for any one of them. Save your sympathy for workers and businesses that contribute to the growth of New Zealand, not to its demise.

Another idea for redundancies is the whole of Ministry of Women's Affairs - yes 100% of it - its mere existence is patronising and an embarrassment to us all. Killing this gravy train will show the world that we are a nation that has moved leaps and bounds in regards to the female standard of living and any improvements is totally up to the individual - not the government - mind you I never attributed any gains to the government in the first place.

All ex-MOWA can go and work for a charity that try to raise the standard of living of women in those many barbaric countries that seem to be Islamic in nature. And I don't mean an admin job, I mean an on the ground posting in the middle of Afghanistan or such like. Mind you if they really cared about women that's where they would be already. Really they just want their snout in the trough.

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