Thursday, 15 October 2009


Well I've been told I've been rather slack lately and need to whacked out blogs more regularly, I don't really have much to talk about, but here are some things I've got up to:

Movie: Down the road we are lucky to have our local Capitol Cinema that has recently undergone a renovation by the owner of the Lido. So on Monday we headed off to see In the Loop a brilliant political satire. It is a scriptwriters dream movie and I found myself rather tired at the end due to concentrating on the script delivered by a great team of actors. Rating 4/5 - highly recommended - lots of laughs. Negative - no fruit icecream only sweet chocolate stuff - yuck.

Sleeping: Neck pain has been increasing over the last week, so sleep has been somewhat shallow - thus I've been sleeping in rather late. Lazyboy is about to be delivered, which will mean I can sleep sitting up which will help massively.

Treatment: WBC was good enough for a lumber puncher chemo on Tuesday which went well. Another due next Thursday, hopefully this will reduce the pain and lump in the neck.

So sorry not much to report. I'll leave you with the thoughts of others:
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