Wednesday, 7 October 2009

Another Update

Headed to Daystay for some chemo today, but my WBC was too low, so I was sent back home ... again. This was rather strange, as two days ago WBC was fine. We will try again next Tuesday.

Feel fine, except for a headache that is slowly getting worse each day - can't figure out why. Think that someone has been spiking my decaf flat whites so now I'm in withdrawal, or maybe it's the cold thing I'm still trying to conquer, or maybe a brain tumour - yep let's go with the dramatic one - tumour it is.

Probably just exhaustion actually - I had a rather busy week last week (Photo: Julia & I in Mt Maunganui for Organ Donation Walk), and still haven't managed to find much time to relax - off to the couch now.

Julia & brother off to Japan today for the Japanese Transplant Games - lucky, lucky.

Because I would have moaned and thrown an eppy if they hadn't done their job, I feel that I should say that Labtests got my results to the doctors as directed - problems seem to be sorted - excellent.


Kiwiwit said...

You go girl! Thanks for the update.

Olivia Pierson said...

Yep... let's go with the dramatic explanation - it's called "Anna's Razor" - Olivia.

Annie Fox! said...

Headache gone now - and the cough - so life alittle less noisey finally - flatmate happy with this :o)