Tuesday, 12 August 2008

Treatments all over

Well that's it, it's all over, I've had all my treatments. So apart from the odd catchup with my Haematologist, I can try and avoid hospitals for awhile - yay!

Actually thought I would be devastated that I couldn't do anything more to abate this cancer, but actually feeling okay about it. Apparently I will feel somewhat worse over the next couple of weeks due to the radiation, but it has been easy so far - just somewhat tired.

Spoke to the Radiotherapist about what to expect as the cancer takes control. Will have headaches and some nausea and loss of motor skills. But mainly I will become more and more tired and want to sleep all the time and eventually just stay in bed - actually sounds quite peaceful.

Today I met with the lady from Mercy Hospice to discuss my care as the cancer takes hold. Very comfortable with the services they offer and good to know that there is back up for when it gets difficult. They have nice newly renovated facilities at St Mary's College on College Hill with spa pools and massage facilities - oooh.


Travis said...

Hi Anna

Travis checking in here. Have just read your last few entries. Thanks. Your thoughts give me perspective. Again I slip into thinking some things are important that arent.

If you cant drive and would like to go out for a coffee id love to catch up. No worries if you have more pressing things to do!

Travis x

Lindsay said...

I wonder how many people have sat at this page wondering what to say, or whether to say, or how to say. And given up. Our own troubles and bitches about this and that seem so appallingly insignificant. Thank you Anna for giving us the gift of being forced to examine our lot and not find it wanting. At all. My best wishes and deep admiration go to you. Sorry to be so inadequate. Lindsay.

The ex-expat said...

Ditto what lindsay said.

Anonymous said...

Hey there Gorgeous One.
You don't know me, I don't know you but your blog has touched me; truly.
Strength and Peace to from me to you. (sometimes words aren't enough, so a hug is being sent telepathically as well ;-)


Oswald Bastable said...

Lindsay captures the moment for me. I'm really lost for words.

I've been to the very edge, going into surgery I had a 50% chance of living through. I had to come to terms with the fact that I MAY have been my end I was facing, but there always was that fighting chance.

I think that to die as you have lived is the last and greatest challenge and I believe that if anyone can do this you can.

Lita said...

Being informed hopefully helps you be at peace. And for what its worth, the grounds at St Marys are absolutely beautiful.

MY said...

It is somehow easier after Lindsay's post, isn't it? You are an outstanding human being, one of the most talented writers, and it is all just plain wrong. Yes - everybody is right - nothing can compare to what you are going through and feeling. I can only hope that the rest of us, when our time comes, can do it with at least a modicum of your grace and dignity which you have the kindness to share with us.

But one more thing if I may: these are just cells, and all of a sudden they can stop growing - the same way they started... this has happened before.

All my love and respect - MY

Mark Hubbard said...

Yes, Lindsay's post does make it easier. You're a great example Annie, and I reckon you've got a HUGE fan club out here in virtual land, just wondering how to express themselves.