Friday, 15 August 2008

Why not?

Not a bad week actually. Have finally settled in to the house both physically and mentally. And also settled into the short life mentality. Had a couple of weeks of feeling rather sorry for myself with thoughts of 'why bother' about lots of things. But had a long meeting with my Haematologist on Thursday and talked about many things including just getting on with doing whatever and not worrying about the 'why' all the time. It was a great meeting actually, just what I needed at that point and I came away feeling less like I was eminently about to kick the bucket - which of course I'm not.

So this week in the pursuit of my new philosophy called 'why not', I had a long massage at Bliss. Have decided that dying whilst having ones feet, hands or head being massaged will be the ultimate. As opposed to just holding my hand, which will quite frankly just piss me off.

Yesterday I saw The Dark Knight with big brother at the Gold Class lounge. Very good movie actually, made even better by paying $30 per ticket to have food brought to my reclining leather seat - arhhh bliss all over again. Also had a very fine lunch at One Tree Grill - well worth a visit.

Olympics has occupied some of my time, but not enjoying it as much as I thought I would, although loved the cycling street races and of course the gymnastics. I see that the Chinese have taken on those incredibly annoying slapping tube things that the bloody netball fans use here in New Zealand. Being a libertarian I'm not in to banning as a rule, but that f*ing contraption should not only be banned but come with a death sentence. It has completely ruined netball in this country and if it continues will ruin most every sport in the world. Now it's typical when you gather woman together en mass that they turn the situation into a screaming, ear-piercing, witch-like noise fest. But when men are doing the same thing, you know we are all going to hell in a hand basket.


Anonymous said...

Haven't seen the movie, but hubby says it was one of the best - he saw it on IMAX. Haven't watched much Olympics, but did see the windsurfing one and it looked painful - some things just don't belong in the Olympics... :-)

Just checking in to say hi!

Lea White

libertyscott said...

Yes "why not" indeed, bloody pamper yourself! Slapping tubes are inane, so easily so many join in the collective madness of banal things like that. I hope the house is refreshing, relaxing and inspiring too!