Wednesday, 4 November 2009

Bucket List

I was asked what was on my Bucket List the other day and I said I really didn't have a list. But on thinking about it further, I realise I do have a list, which basically amounts to the table of contents of the Metro 2009 Restaurant Guide - Auckland's 50 Best Restaurants.

For the past year I have sacrificed my waistline (blaming it all on the steroids) and made a concerted effort to visit all 50 of these fine eateries. I like to think that I single-handedly prop-up the fine dining sector, but I can assure you, Aucklanders seems to be eating their way out of the recession - restaurants always full and always merry. Bookings are still hard to come by - no Friday or Saturday nights bookings at my next target, Merediths, until 2010.

This week I knocked off two more:

Pure: we bundled over to Jervois Road for a most perfect night celebrating flatties birthday - we heard that they did a lime brulee and just had to be there. Wonderful wine, food, service and most importantly company. Highly recommended.

Cibo: with friends up from the mainland I thought Cibo should be the next target. Strangely I had never managed to get myself to Cibo and it's been around forever - 10 years? What a great night we had - once again we were the last to leave (twice in one month!). I have to say everything was perfect - just like Pure - and the service was totally amazing and again the company made for a perfect night. As a treat they gave us passion fruit marshmallows to roast over the pond fire - yummy!

I think now I only have nine restaurants left on my Bucket List. Once completed I'll visit my favourites all over again.

Tuesday, 3 November 2009

Bloggers Bar Bash

Bloggers Bar Bash is on again this advancing Thursday night (5th) at Galbraiths - 6.30pm onwards.

Last month a great night was had by all - although there was one that left rather abruptly - what was that about? I managed to stay until closing time - which quite frankly was weird.

Cactus Kate popped in for a surprise visit and we had David Farrar the month before. All these celebrity bloggers - who will be next?

We are also starting to get interest from the non-political bloggers, which is great - all welcome.

See you there.