Thursday, 30 April 2009

Update - CT Scan

On Monday I had a scan to check that my latest chemo had destroyed the tumours. On Wednesday, Doc and I looked at the pretty patterns - I freaked out when I saw a round white tumour - turned out to be my heart - ha, kind of need that. So I decided to leave conclusions to those more knowledgeable than I. Doc couldn't see anything, but we waited for others to check out the CTs and as usual they confirmed Docs original opinion.

We also scanned my brain for re-staging purposes, curiosity and my sanity and it all looks the same as before - so all good there as well - phew!

My very sore neck is being drugged into submission - if the pain doesn't go away I might need an MRI, but I think it is a bad posture problem rather than a cancer problem.

So there you go, you are now informed.

Friday, 24 April 2009

Geographic Board

Without a doubt the Geographic Board seem to be running out of things to do, given their bizarre actions of late. They appear to be trying to avoid redundancies by creating work. Mind you I suppose ultimately this is the modus operandi of all government departments.

But seriously - for being time wasting irritants - they really should be next to be investigated for over staffing.

Not PJ writes on this matter over at Not PC.

Wednesday, 22 April 2009

IRD - hahaha

Oh joy, 250 IRD staff are to lose their jobs - not really enough for my liking of course, but it's a step in the right direction.

To all you softies out there that say "but what about the the poor workers" I say, working for any government agency makes one morally bankrupt - unless of course it is a temporary job in HR that lays off hundreds and thousands of workers. Working for the IRD makes one morally bankrupt and the scum of the earth. So no I don't feel sorry for any one of them. Save your sympathy for workers and businesses that contribute to the growth of New Zealand, not to its demise.

Another idea for redundancies is the whole of Ministry of Women's Affairs - yes 100% of it - its mere existence is patronising and an embarrassment to us all. Killing this gravy train will show the world that we are a nation that has moved leaps and bounds in regards to the female standard of living and any improvements is totally up to the individual - not the government - mind you I never attributed any gains to the government in the first place.

All ex-MOWA can go and work for a charity that try to raise the standard of living of women in those many barbaric countries that seem to be Islamic in nature. And I don't mean an admin job, I mean an on the ground posting in the middle of Afghanistan or such like. Mind you if they really cared about women that's where they would be already. Really they just want their snout in the trough.

Monday, 20 April 2009

Avatar Nerd!

I'm one of those strange people that just love winter, I love rain and I especially love storms and can't understand when people moan as soon as any of the above arrive. So I loved yesterday particularly - pity there was no thunder and lightening.

With the chill in the air, the central heating system has been switched on, along with the electric blanket and the Winkie sees the light of day - so to speak.

I have been entertaining myself reading books and going to the odd movie:
* Topp Twins 8/10 By the by, I met them once - at a Bayleys awards dinner - where they stole my bag and made me come up on stage to get it back. Great fun, fantastic ladies.
* Gran Torino 8/10
* Welcome to the Sticks 7/10
* Slumdog Millionaire 7/10
* In Bruges 7/10

And a whole list to view over the next month: The Wrestler, The Reader, The Boat That Rocked, Milk and Dean Spanley,

Great viewing, but none so great as Avatar - the last airbender, which is a Nickelodeon series that seems to grab kids and adults, male and female alike. I highly recommend the three 'books' in the series and would love to know when series two is due out.

But in the meantime, under production and screening in 2010 is a fantasy film of the first series, with our own Cliff Curtis to play Fire Lord Ozai, ooooooh I can't wait - another event to aim for.

So yes - as this photo demonstrates - I've become an official nerd and now I rue the years I've wasted in boring world. Or am I regressing back into my childhood? Oh well, either way, all good.

Wednesday, 15 April 2009


Sorry if you've seen this already - I know I'm always behind the eighth ball, but this is excellent.

Although you might get a better view if you go to the YouTube page.

And by the way, I've noticed that my spam mail has decresed by 90% of late. Does anyone know why?

Sunday, 5 April 2009

New Zealand's Loser Models

Complaints have been made that the latest reality abomination - New Zealand's Next Top Model - does not meet some kind of racial diversity criteria.

Those races that are not represented in this appalling show should be proud that their young woman haven't joined the ranks of these shrieking, grumpy, miserable, underfed, female embarrassments. Christ my pre-teen nieces don't scream like that anymore - well except when they jump into a pool set at 14 degrees celsius, but fair enough, even their Aunty would let out a few choice swear words at that temperature and that's coming from a woman that doesn't even squeak when bungy jumping .

Please, put your brain in gear and spend your hand ringing hours worrying that your young women aren't represented in science, engineering, business, finance and the such like, not some useless modelling programme that is just designed to make them all look like fools.

Friday, 3 April 2009

Happy Birthday to Me!

For those that know me will understand that I'm not much into celebrating birthdays, but they do mark the passing of a persons life and represents one more milestone that I have passed.

No one thought I would make it to 41 years (including myself) and I make it to this stone feeling just fine and dandy - except for a slightly sore back - and somewhat tired due to late night at Galbraith's. A most enjoyable night discussing abortion, leaky homes and pedophiles, amongst other highly unimportant matters I'm sure. For a moment there we bloggers were outnumbered by non-bloggers, but that was quickly rectified.

I'm due my last chemo next Tuesday and that is that for this round, hopefully I can have a big break before the next bout of cancer rears its ugly head all over again. But we shall see.

I have booked some trips around the country, so it's Easter with the family at the big new bach, early May in Christchurch (apparently some hot air ballooning is on the cards) and the end of May in Nelson.

Next milestones: P.J. O'Rourke dinner and eating cheese again - both at the end of April. Oh and some time during the month I should be able to have the odd glass of wine, not that I'm too fussed on the wine front, but a really, really expensive glass of wine when one is out for dinner is a luxury I've been denied.