Tuesday, 29 April 2008

Movie: 2 Days in Paris

A friend kindly took me to see '2 Days in Paris' the other day and I must say I laughed out loud - excellent movie.

Many people that have seen the movie haven't like it much, probably because most people that go to see films about the French seem to like the French. I personally have very little time for the French culture with its whingy, whinny, socialist tendencies - 2 Days turned out to be perfect for me.

The story revolves around a French/American couple who stop for 2 days in Paris to meet her family - cultural and language differences make for the most amusing viewing.

Another reason to rush off and see 2 Days is to view another great performance by Adam Goldberg. Goldberg would have to be one of my favourite actors and one we don't see enough of in main roles, although he seems to keep busy none-the-less. Julie Delphy wrote, directed and starred in the movie - which sounds awfully clever and probably is.

Anyway I think it's worth a look.


Anonymous said...

Yes this is on my list to see.
Missed out last week when we went to "Lars and the Real Girl" instead.

A pleasant laugh it was too.

Annie Fox! said...

I've heard 'Lars and the Real Girl' is good - although rather strange story line.

I have found that funny films are so much better for my well being lately. I went and saw 'Street Kings' the other night - mainly due to the number of brilliant actors to be viewed (especially Hugh Laurie and Forest Whitaker). But god it was violent and so stressful, which doesn't normally bother me, but lately I've turned into a whimp - probably due to sleep deprivation.