Wednesday, 25 February 2009


Chemo #5 started yesterday even though blood count was a little low. Doctors reduced my dose somewhat and there is discussion of not doing #6 for fear of stuffing my lungs - but no biggie either way - we shall wait and see. Don't you just love all the complicated medical jargon I use :o).

This week in daystay I have been inflicted by women talking, talking, talking - rather too loudly and with no regard for the rest of us - god they just go on and on. In all cases there was no need for the patients to bring along their extras. The only time I can really see a need for visitors in daystay is as an interpreter for the patient, when the patient is young, when patient goes the first couple of times or is sick or upset. Definitely none of these applied this week. Add to this that there is very little space for patients let alone extras and the stress levels rise. Wards are for visitors.

At the same time I've met some extremely lovely extras who have lit up my day and often make tea for their patient and everyone else in the room. But talking loudly in the middle of the room is not what they do - so maybe my real issue is they are just too loud - if only chemo would take away some of my near perfect hearing.

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glad you had a nice day