Tuesday, 20 October 2009


God this blog has taken me five days to put together and is still a load of bollocks.

Sunday: Wanted to head out for a nice meal, so we checked all over the place, nothing much open. But Non-Solo Pizza was and is a good as ever - great night.

Monday: Em took myself and Em's parents up to Whangarei to check out some LabraDoodle puppies - very, very cute - would love to have one - but no.

On the way up we thought we would do our public service and review the Skyline Cafe at the top of the Brynderwyns for you. This cafe has always been an absolute dog, but every five years or so someone needs to put their life on the line and actually eat there - just in case a new owner with business brains takes over.

Well I'm sorry to say that this hasn't happened and the place has slipped down even further, if that is at all possible. Every aspect of the place is appalling: food, decor, hygiene, toilets, furniture and service - totally unbelievable. The outlook is the only aspect that is amazing - it's such a shame - fantastic location.

Monday night: So headed back home to the lazyboy to rest up. Unfortunately the pain in my shoulder went into overdrive, once again I woke poor Em and the ambulance was called. No laughing gas this time, but they helped me with my medication and stayed with me until the pain was under control - ambo team once again the heros.

Knowing how to control the pain when it gets to that level is reassuring. Hospice have switched the daily pain medication back to Methadone from Codeine and I am comfortable again.

Wednesday: Another visit to the lawyer to have a document signed for the bloody council - I'm not going into details as it winds me up so much. Anyway had lunch at the O'Connel Street Bristrol, so that made up for it - talk about the extreme of Brynderwyns - fantastic food, service and wine.

Thursday: Went to daystay for another bout of chemo and then dinner down the road at a friends place - all good.

Labour weekend: Off up to the bach for the weekend with the family. Neck pain seems to have moved along somewhat - fingers crossed.

Summary: Well wasn't that an exciting week :o/


Anonymous said...

have a great weekend - I hope the sun shines on you.


homepaddock said...

Apropos of chemo - have you seen the media release from Fonterra bout the ice cream developed to reduce side effects. they're looking for volunteers for trials: http://www.fonterra.com/wps/wcm/connect/fonterracom/fonterra.com/our+business/news/media+releases/fonterra+and+auckland+uni+ice+cream+could+lick+chemo+side+effects

Annie Fox! said...

Yeah I did see that, thanks. Don't think I'll be doing much more chemo - but if I do I'll put my hand up. Although I'm not keen on strawberry as a flavour - for some reason it doesn't translate well - unlike boysenberry, raspberry, lemon, lime etc, etc.